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How To Solve Bluetooth Issue With Android 7.0 Nougat

How To Solve Bluetooth Issue With Android 7.0 Nougat

Everyone having Bluetooth issues,

If you haven’t tried this, try it.
The “Google Play Services” application has a ton of Permissions and many have to do with Bluetooth pairing in Applications and Bluetooth pairing with devices.
Go here and scroll down the Permissions list to other and you’ll see what I mean:
It is a very powerful core application and I’m thinking that a bad update maybe even over a congested wifi could be causing problems.
Go into Settings, Apps and scroll down to “Google Play Services”.
Tap on App and up in upper right hand corner, Tap the Three dot menu.
Uninstall updates.
You will get a window asking if you want to install the factory version. Tap Ok.
If you get an error message you might first have to go to Settings, Security, Device Administrators and disable (uncheck) Android Device Manager.
Don’t forget to go back after the Uninstall/Re-install and check the box. It’s important for security.
Now go to the Google Play Store and update to the latest November 14th build.
I’ve done this several times on a 6P with no issues, but I now have super battery life and the bluetooth works as it should.
As always after doing this, shut the phone down and go into Recovery Mode and Wipe the Cache Partition.
Don’t do this with the OS running. Do a proper Wipe Cache.

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