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How To Fix Windows 10 1803 Boot Problem

This problem continues to happen. It occurred with the insider build, and it still occurs with the official release. I had to revert to the previous build, then disable updates  This is truly ridiculous. Microsoft testing program is very flawed, particularly as I gavel feedback on the pre release.


If you removed any 3rd party virus programs? as you haven’t posted any details about your system we can only guess with our answers, as I have just finish updating 6 systems for my customers without any issues, so for “flaws” it may be related to certain systems some details may help us to help you.

After the first automatic update to build 1803 the laptop failed to start on its first cold start, halting about half-way through the first rotation of the dots.  To recover I used a system restore point that took me back to 1709.

I made a second attempt to update to 1803 a few weeks later when 1803 reappeared on the list of updates, though sadly with the same result.  I tried repairing the start-up but there was no change. I then tried starting in Safe Mode, but that also failed with a blank screen. My debugging options were now quite limited.  I also tried disabling virtualisation as DanLee81 suggested above, but the laptop still does not start.  I then recovered using a system restore point back to build 1709, immediately prior to the 1803 update.  This time I have disabled automatic updates!

It appears, like others have experienced, Windows 10 build 1803 changes something that causes the boot on my laptop to fail very early on and in such a way that Safe Mode does not work – limiting the troubleshooting options.  So until Microsoft change something, my automatic update experience with Windows 10 ends at build 1709.

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